How To Breed Rabidex

To breed Rabidex, you may have to try the following combinations:

  • Electrex + Pandaken
  • Pandaken +¬†Gigram
  • Firanda + Gigram
  • Gigram + Greenasaur
  • Rarawr + Gigram
  • Firanda +¬†Electrex

Chance: 7.50%

Since chances are really low, it all boils down to luck. Be patient and keep trying.

17 thoughts on “How To Breed Rabidex

  1. I am trying to get rabidex with elextrex and pandaken i only got rhynex 4 times and some other things like tarpeze

  2. I got mine with Komocat and Gigram very early on in the game. Only took 3 tries, but i assume that was pure luck.

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