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The game is developed by Social Point and it is free to play. It can be played in Facebook or an android phone by downloading an app from Google Playstore.

Game Wiki and Tips

Facebook Game Monster LegendsThe most important part of the game is Monsters and there are nine elements of them – Fire, Water, Nature, Thunder, Light, Magic, Dark, Earth and Legendary. You will mostly be breeding two different elements to combine them and create a hybrid.

The game has an adventure map where you will wander and battle against your enemies. There are a hundred levels in the game and you will find a boss to fight at the end of every five levels. Passing every level will reward you food, gold and experience. If you manage to kill a boss, you will get much bigger rewards and XP. The point where this game gets interesting is breeding. You will have to breed different elements of monsters to get those rare uncommon beasts.


HabitatsYou can only store a monster in a habitat and it should be a matching type. For example, you can store a fire element one only in a fire habitat. If it is a hybrid, then that one can go in either of the element’s habitat.

Monsters generate gold for you and that gets stored in the habitat. Habitats initially accommodates two beasts and store little gold but you have the option to upgrade the habitats to accommodate more. Head over to our habitats list page for more information.


Fire TempleTemples are an interesting concept in in this game. Monsters level up through feeding and experience but they are limited till level 10 which is quite low. In order to level up further, you will need to buy a Temple of respective element to increase the level cap on your little giants. In order to get a fire monster to level 20, one has to buy a fire temple.

Hybrid monsters require a temple of both the elements before they can be leveled up. This becomes slightly expensive to maintain and that is why you must be careful in leveling up temples or you will run out of gold fast. Head over to our temples list page for more details.

Other Buildings

Farms: In order to produce food to feed your monsters, you will have to build farms. They can be leveled up to produce more food. There is also a limit to amount of farms you can build and that increases as you level. There are 3 types of farms, normal, big and huge.

Arena: This is a place where you can have pvp battles. You will fight other players monsters for food and gold.

Breeding Mountain: Here you can breed and create baby eggs that will hatch into respective habitats.

The Harbor: This building offers plays access to the adventure map as we discussed above.

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