Monster Legends Temples List

Social Point has come up with a new strategy in Monster Legends which is Temples. Monsters are limited till level 10 in this game and if a player wants to level up their monster further, they will have to start building their respective temples. We have 8 temples in this game belonging one each to the basic habitat. The interesting part is to level up a hybrid monster, you have to level up the temples of both elements. This will make the game somewhat more difficult as the required number of resources will go higher. Please Take a look at all the temples and the costs involved in upgrading them. You need to know about a machines a sous 88 fortunes


this article Fire Temple
fire temple


Fire Temple Stats


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nature temple


nature temple stats


that site Thunder Temple
thunder temple


thunder temple stats


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earth temple


earth temple stats


Dark Temple
dark temple


dark temple stats


Water Temple
water temple


water temple stats



Light Temple
light temple


light temple stats


Magic Temple
magic temple


magic temple stats